Troubleshooting Magix® Systems

The following "cheat sheets" and manuals are available for download. These documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free at Also, some of the more common problems and solutions are listed below. If you encounter a problem that is not listed, or need additional technical assistance, please call us at (925) 462-0505 or send an e-mail to Lazer Telecommunications, Inc. provides support and training on most Lucent/Avaya phone and voice mail systems. On-site system administration and end-user training is available in the San Francisco Bay Area at very reasonable rates. Please call or write for details.

Magix Admin Guide:
System administrator's step-by-step guide to the most common tasks for the phone system.

Magix 2.1 System Manager*:
Complete Magix manual.

Magix Basic Use:
A quick guide to using Magix telephones.

Magix Menu:
A guide to the menu options available on Magix telephone models 4412 and 4424.

Personal Speed Dialing:
How to program up to 24 personal speed dial numbers at a telephone.

Messaging Administration*:
System administrator's step-by-step guide to the most common tasks in voice mail. Also includes user guides.

Messaging Quick Reference*:
Messaging manual.


*These documents may take a few minutes to load due to their size.

Common problems encountered by users:

· User cannot access voice mail (existing voice mail user): The user may have forgotten the correct password. Log on as system administrator and reset ("reinitialize") the mailbox password.

· New user cannot access voice mail: The voice mailbox may not exist. Log on as system administrator and use mailbox administration to check the status of the mailbox. If the mailbox exists, try resetting the password. NOTE: If the extension has never had voicemail assigned, it may be necessary to program voice mail coverage.

· User complains that the mailbox is too small (mailbox is full): Encourage user to delete unneeded messages. If necessary, increase mailbox size/message capacity using the Mailbox Administration cheat sheet.

· Telephone is dead: First check the connection to the phone and the wall jack. If both jacks are plugged in, unplug the phone and replace it with a phone you know works. If the replacement phone works, the old phone is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired or replaced. If the replacement phone is also dead, check the connections in the phone room. If possible, plug the replacement phone directly into the port on your phone system. If it works, you have a wiring problem between the phone switch and your wall jack. If it still does not work, you probably have a malfunctioning port. If there is another port available, reroute the extension to a port that works.

· The time displayed on your telephones is incorrect: Enter system programming and select "system". Select "time". Use backspace to delete the existing time and enter the correct time using a 24-hour clock. Press "enter" to save your change and press "exit" to exit programming.

· User cannot call out of the office or call long distance: The extension probably has a restriction programmed onto it. (Note: If you hear "your call cannot be completed as dialed", the problem is with your Dialtone provider [i.e. Pacific Bell] and cannot be resolved through telephone programming.) From the system programming level, select "extensions". Select "Restrictions" and enter the extension to be programmed. Select the appropriate restriction level. Press "Enter". Exit programming by pressing "Exit".


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